Published: Fri, March 27, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

MLB, MLBPA agree to deal on stoppage

MLB, MLBPA agree to deal on stoppage

As coronavirus worsens, National Football League officials begin to doubt the 2020 season will begin on time.

'All the players I'm talking to want to play all the games, and we can map this out, ' Boras said.

But the schedule is a top priority, and Boras has ideas for that. Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced that it would be back on March 24 to provide another free season of MLB.TV to eligible wireless customers, but as you can probably gather, there's not much need for a MLB.TV subscription these days.

United States now leads world in confirmed coronavirus cases
There are only 3,947 active cases in China at the moment, a starkly low number compared to the U.S.'s 77,830 active cases. The 20,000 confirmed cases in NY represent more confirmed cases than the United Kingdom , Australia and Canada combined.

As far as where the World Series will be played, Boras is a strong advocate of a neutral site for at least some of the games so that fans and sponsors have months to plan for the event, similar to the Super Bowl. "'We're just trying to let know we have the ability to do it, that there's a logical way to do it'". You have the facilities. With a significantly shorter draft, colleges will now face a roster crunch as they face more would-be draftees returning to school and additional eligibility for certain players. You could secure corporate sponsorships and have entertainment surrounding it. MLB Network will air 30 memorable Opening Day games, one for each team in the league. "Here, we can have five to seven days of festivities".

The World Series had been completed in September or October in every season until 2001, when the 7-game Diamondbacks-Yankees series ended on November 4th.

A July 1 start would require teams to play at least a dozen doubleheaders, but Boras said Major League Baseball could reduce the strain by expanding rosters to 30 or so players for doubleheaders, scheduling them in the middle of series and following those series with days off. If the season is canceled, players would gain the same amount of service time they accrued in 2019, which is important because it means players like Mookie Betts or Trevor Bauer would become free agents as scheduled.

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