Published: Fri, March 27, 2020
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Governor Cuomo Angry Over Federal Aid Coming To New York

Governor Cuomo Angry Over Federal Aid Coming To New York

The rate of hospitalisations in NY state, the epicentre of the U.S. outbreak, has slowed in recent days, said Governor Andrew Cuomo, with numbers that he called "almost too good to be true".

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing a state budget deadline in less than a week, and he's out with a new proposal to try to cope as the state faces a multibillion-dollar budget gap. "I find it irresponsible. I find it reckless". And we don't have the luxury at this time of being emotional about what they [Congress] did. We don't have $100, so we're going to give you $95.

Cuomo said the outbreak creates a "double whammy" of increased state costs and lost revenue as businesses shutter and workers are laid off.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized a $2 trillion coronavirus aid package Thursday because it failed to address governmental needs of the states. The novel coronavirus causes COVID-19, a respiratory disease that has infected over 511,000 and killed almost 23,000 worldwide. The increase is due in part to the length of time some patients remain on ventilators, he said. "We are at the forefront, as the governor has said, but it's elsewhere".

In an ominous milestone for the United States as a whole, at least 82,153 people nationwide were infected as of Thursday, according to a Reuters tally from state and local public health agencies.

Medical facilities were running short of ventilators and protective masks and were hampered by limited testing capacity as the number of confirmed US cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, stood at about 70,000.

After first appearing in Wuhan, China, in December, the virus has spread to at least 175 countries and regions.

The largest stimulus legislation in the country's history cleared the Senate floor with a 96-0 vote. "Congratulations AMERICA!" he wrote.

India's Leader Declares Nationwide Lockdown
According to officials, constable Rajbir was suspended. "Also why should we hide if there has been a community transmission". Currently, as per the orders of the government, India is in a complete lockdown for 21 days that began from 25 March.

While New York is the coronavirus epicentre in the United States now, Louisiana - driven by a dire situation in New Orleans, its biggest city - could be the next one.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy announced on Wednesday morning that the county now has 142 confirmed cases of COVID-19 but, since hospitals with limited test kits have stopped community testing, that number is expected not to continue to rise as fast. The report was recently resurfaced by Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York and supporter of Trump since 2016, who wrote an op-ed about it in the New York Post. "And that is what we're seeing".

The impact was increasingly being felt beyond the hot spots of New York, California and Washington state as Louisiana and others faced a severe crush on their healthcare systems. "So, a little reality, keep the curve down as low as you can, but you cannot get the curve down low enough so that you don't overwhelm the hospital capacity", Cuomo said.

Nurses, physicians, practitioners, assistants and others have all stepped forward as the state pushes to increase hospital capacity.

As the coronavirus pandemic's US death toll topped 1,000 people, hospitals and government authorities in New York, New Orleans and other hot spots grappled on Thursday with a surge in cases and a dire shortage of supplies, staff and sick beds.

Of 5,327 coronavirus patients hospitalised in the state, some 1,290 were in intensive care and in need of ventilators, Cuomo said.

Cuomo said procuring enough ventilators is "the single greatest challenge" and he said Kushner, who is also a New Yorker, has been "extraordinarily helpful" in assisting with the search.

In addition, the state has authorised "splitting" ventilators so that one machine could serve two patients and was looking into converting anaesthesia machines to ventilators.

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