Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
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Watch Courteney Cox Get Hilariously Thrashed In Jimmy Kimmel's 'Friends' Trivia

Watch Courteney Cox Get Hilariously Thrashed In Jimmy Kimmel's 'Friends' Trivia

The actress, who played the lovably rigid Monica in the hit sitcom, appeared remotely on Wednesday's home edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and revealed she's been making productive use of her time in quarantine by brushing up on her "Friends" knowledge.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel for his Quarantine Minilogue series on YouTube, the star revealed that she's made a decision to revisit the series because of how little she remembers and how often people want to talk to her about the sitcom. "I have a very bad memory", he told the late-night presenter, then added, "I obviously remember loving everyone there and having fun and I remember certain moments in my life".

She also confirmed that filming for the long-awaited Friends reunion special, which was announced in February, has been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Courtney Cox has revealed that she's been binge-looking at Pals during the coronavirus pandemic. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you were supposed to shoot the Friends reunion special yesterday, right?" asked Kimmel. "I would never pass, I'd fail every test!"

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"I just started season one", she said. "I just started season one". The life I was there, but I don't remember episodes ...

Now that Cox has started re-watching Friends, Kimmel chose to put her knowledge to the test.

And she wasn't exaggerating, as a head-to-head quiz with Kimmel's cousin, a huge fan of the show, proved.

The actress was unable to answer questions about Monica's first kiss, the person who pees on her leg when she's stung by a jellyfish, and the officiant at Monica and Chandler's wedding, and she ultimately went down 5-0. Cox asked, befuddled, like the rest of us were when we watched that episode.

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