Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Veteran-Owned Texas Distillery Switches to Making Hand Sanitizer Full Time

Veteran-Owned Texas Distillery Switches to Making Hand Sanitizer Full Time

Hand sanitizer is just as effective in destroying bacteria and viruses and when you're out and about, it's easier to use.

Short Path has been distilling its custom liquors in a converted warehouse off of Norman Street in what has become known as the Fermentation District.

Kauffman said that he and his co-founders first started to discuss making hand sanitizer a couple of weeks ago. After the layoffs, Kurtzman said, they began thinking of what they could make that would be marketable and useful.

With the distillery's tasting room shut down, Kauffman told Fox & Friends that making hand sanitizer is a great way for the team to stay busy, adding that they needed a goal.

However, given the context of the current provincial health emergency related to COVID-19, the general manager is now permitting all distillers to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizer. "There is only a small number of organizations in the United States that have the equipment required to make hand sanitizer". Kurtzman said the three main ingredients are Glycol/Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethanol. "Many manufacturers make hand sanitizers, and several have indicated that they are working to increase supply".

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She went on to say if her actions lead to other people becoming ill with the deadly virus "that's their problem". Larz, an influencer based in Beverly Hills, recently took part in the TikTok "coronavirus challenge".

"We're doing an 80 per cent solution right now", Dillon said.

"Most distilleries have scrambled to order [the ingredients] so they can have it ready [for] production starting next week", Voelsgen said. So when you stop in for hand sanitizer, you can support them by purchasing those other products.

Currently, their focus is to serve their local community and essential services staff.

One of the first distilleries to make public their new quest was Eight Oaks Farm Distillery in Pennsylvania, which first started filling bottles with their new sanitizer on March 16. "Somebody wanting a lot more for other people, other family member, we charge a little bit for it - just trying to recoup the expense", Freeman said.

Owners and employees from distilleries involved in the aid process say they've had an overwhelming response from their local and global communities.

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