Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Spain's coronavirus death toll overtakes China's

Spain's coronavirus death toll overtakes China's

Spain registered 738 fatalities from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours in the steepest increase of the death toll since the epidemic hit the country.

With 3,434 fatalities, Spain now has the second-highest death toll globally after Italy's 6,820.

His government issued a 16-point order for the national state of emergency set for Thursday until April 30 that forbids most foreigners from entering the country and bans rallies and other gatherings in crowded places.

The surge in numbers has brought the medical system to the brink of collapse, with Spain struggling with a lack of medical supplies for testing, treatment and the protection of frontline workers, and a growing number of cases among healthcare personnel with more than 5,400 infected. Schools, bars, restaurants and most shops are shuttered.

In Britain, heir to the throne Prince Charles became the latest high-profile figure to become infected while Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the country's response to tackle the outbreak despite accusations it was slow to act.

China has almost double the number of infections as Spain, but a similar death toll.

Since the tally carried out Tuesday at 1900 GMT (3 a.m. Thursday in Manila), 2,341 new deaths and 43,010 new cases have been recorded worldwide.

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Spain now has more coronavirus deaths than China, according to the Ministry of Health.

Social Security Minister Jose Luis Escriba said the government was studying a basic living wage to those affected by this crisis.

"We are approaching the peak", the ministry's emergencies coordinator said.

He said Spain made the request to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which would pass it on to the member-states' armies.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of South Korea's Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, said the country is willing to send chemical reagents used to extract genetic material during Covid-19 tests, but at a level that does not affect its own testing capacity.

"We are going to face major shortages in the days ahead".

The virus known as COVID-19, which emerged in Wuhan, China last December, has spread to at least 172 countries and regions around the globe, while a total of 20,499 people have died and confirmed cases exceeds 451,355. "Some centers have already reported dozens of deaths".

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