Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Spain overtakes China virus toll with 3,434 deaths - government

Spain overtakes China virus toll with 3,434 deaths - government

Spain saw the number of deaths surge to 3,434 after more than 738 people died in the past 24 hours, following Italy in overtaking the figure in China, where the virus originated late previous year.

A large ice rink is now being used as a makeshift morgue, and the government plans to extend the state of emergency by another 15 days in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

There have been 3,281 coronavirus death on mainland China so far, according to official statistics.

Similarly, the Spanish army has asked its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners for coronavirus testing kits, ventilators and protective gear as part of the alliance's worldwide assistance arrangements, Spanish Armed Forces Chief Miguel Villarroya said.

As the coronavirus continues to hit the health sector with particular force, not only those who work in ICUs, but also those who are at the forefront of patient care, two family doctors are understood to have died from Covid-19, one in a town in Salamanca and the other in Córdoba, becoming the first two doctors to die in Spain from this cause.

A total of 21,283 deaths have now been reported in 182 countries and territories.

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While China reports the most cases with 81,500, it has seen a steady decline in its new case in recent weeks. The latest government tally puts the number of deaths at 3,434.

And what doesn't make the figures read any better is the death toll suffered by Spain in the last 24 hours, which at 738 is a record spike for the country.

The number of French deaths was up by 231 on Wednesday to more than 1,330, and metro and rail services in Paris were cut to a minimum.

Meanwhile, Spain is not the only European country to top China in the sad statistics of fatalities.

And in Japan, which has postponed this year's Olympic Games, Tokyo's governor urged residents to stay home this weekend, warning of a possible "explosion" of the coronavirus.

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