Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Company uses Global Positioning System data to measure how people are social distancing

Company uses Global Positioning System data to measure how people are social distancing

That data "may include" your phone's advertising ID, latitude and longitude, IP address, "GPS horizontal accuracy value", "The speed at which the device was traveling", "The direction that the device was traveling", and "WiFi SSID (network name) or BSSID (MAC address for the router)" among numerous other listed data points. The survey indicates that the United States as a whole now has a "B" grade.

The Social Distancing Scoreboard itself claims to determine how well people are following requests (and now orders) to stay at home.

The bottom three counties in OH are Preble, Williams and Fayette, which are all receiving "F" grades. While far from perfectly correlated, as a state's political leanings turn redder, their social distancing to flatten the curve (as of this initial report) worsens.

Travel within MI has declined by about 45 percent, the report said. The state's first two cases were confirmed on March 10.

Spain's coronavirus death toll overtakes China's
He said Spain made the request to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which would pass it on to the member-states' armies. With 3,434 fatalities, Spain now has the second-highest death toll globally after Italy's 6,820.

As a responsible adult in the midst of the pandemic, you've been doing your part and socially distancing like the experts recommend. The state as a whole was reporting 912 positive cases. "We juxtaposed the Social Distancing score with the number of reported cases, sourced from the Corona Data Scraper, to show correlation with changes in behavior over time". Boone and Lee Counties both received a "C" for a 29 and 33% drop in distance traveled. An "A" is achieved when travel decreases by 40 percent or more.

Unacast used anonymous data that does not track the travels of any individual person, the company said.

Unacast's location data is collected from games, shopping and utility apps downloaded and installed on phones around the world. The county saw a 31% change in the average distance traveled by residents, according to Unacast's data. The company, which normally analyzes the data for businesses, has started to use it for public health efforts around COVID-19.

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