Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Chargers make some alterations to logo for 2020 season

Chargers make some alterations to logo for 2020 season

Eric Dickerson to the rescue.

So it comes as no surprise that Dickerson is expressing his displeasure with the Rams' new logo.

The new team logo for the Los Angeles Rams has actually drawn mostly unfavorable evaluations because being revealed Monday.

Twitter's apathy to the Ram's new logo was palpable. I'll be speaking with the Rams on our behalf.

"Someone said it looks like a did", Dickerson said.

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While the Bolts teased us with the powder blue attires making a full time return in 2020, Los Angeles solved to the factor with their upgradedlogo It's tidy, it's straightforward and it's a lot far better than the yellow comb-over monstrosity the city competitor Los Angeles Rams let loose to the globe the other day.

Angelo State - its mascot is also the Rams - has nearly the same colors as the Los Angeles Rams and uses a similar multi-colored horn pattern at the end of the logo text. We will keep what we have. "If you told me it was a Chargers logo, I would say OK, it's not bad...." Can you also envision just how much goods he would certainly promote them? They're not simply going to throw that work out the window in favor of a fan-made logo - not even after petitions were created and signed by thousands of fans.

Dickerson tweeted on Wednesday that after reviewing the comments from fans about the team's new logos, he's going to talk to the team about it. It remains to be seen whether they tweak the logos before then.

Meanwhile, Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff said Tuesday in a local telethon that if more than $ 2 million was raised, he would read nasty tweets about the new logos, according to ESPN.

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