Published: Thu, March 26, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple resume AirPower wireless charging mat project

Apple resume AirPower wireless charging mat project

It seems that Apple hasn't totally scrapped the plans for AirPower, however. Prosser, who made important statements from time to time and signed under various leaks, now claims that Apple's AirPower project is ongoing.

For the uninitiated, the AirPower was cancelled as the product didn't meet "Apple's standards".

Considering all the awesome devices that Apple has released over the years, you wouldn't think it could be defeated by a wireless charger, but that's exactly what happened to the AirPower, a wireless charger that promised to charge your iPhone, Apple. The AirPower charging mat was showcased as being capable of wirelessly charging an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

Rumor had it the company experienced issues with heat management and interference, something that Apple's big honchos believed was too much of a headache to go forward with the AirPower.

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Prosser also claims that Apple engineers are trying to redesign the AirPower mat's charging coils to displace heat more effectively, which was one of the problems with the original design. According to a new report, the company is "re-engineering" the product from scratch to fix issues.

The Apple Watch and other smartwatches present a unique challenge for Qi-enabled charging pads, as they require significantly closer placement of the coils due to their smaller size. All the user had to do was simply place the device on the mat, and it would start charging. Many Android smartwatches suffer from the same limitations. And as for the Apple Watch pitfall, most rival mats will charge two instead of three devices, though in particular there are a few alternatives that can charge three.

Well, Apple might just change the AirPower name to something else entirely.

If Apple is indeed working on bringing AirPower back to fruition - and we really hope it's true - that's going to be welcome news for Apple fans.

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