Published: Wed, March 25, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

NCAA Shuts Down Trevor Lawrence's GoFundMe Page For COVID-19

NCAA Shuts Down Trevor Lawrence's GoFundMe Page For COVID-19

"The NCAA did not ask Trevor Lawrence to take down his fundraiser for COVID-19 patients and their families", The Association said in a statement.

Clemson spokesman Ross Taylor said school compliance officials correctly applied NCAA guidelines against athletes using their names, images and likenesses for crowdfunding - but that was before the NCAA contacted the school. "Sorry for all of the drama and all of the confusion but we got it worked out". "Also, we have to take down the GoFundMe page".

Mowry, who plays soccer at Anderson University in SC, initially posted a video to Instagram on Monday explaining that Lawrence could no longer be involved with the effort and the GoFundMe had to be taken down because of compliance concerns.

"They weren't trying to stop us from helping raise money for this cause", he said. The Athletic likewise reported that the university's compliance office acted to keep Lawrence from being in violation of NCAA rules. The association issued a statement the following day, announcing that they will allow student athletes to raise money to help during this hard time.

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It wasn't immediately known how quickly Lawrence and Mowry would revive their GoFundMe efforts, but they are expected to do so. By Tuesday evening, the NCAA had issued a response, which some will inevitably see as face-saving, supporting the efforts. "Thank y'all so much for granting a waiver", he said.

"Again, I just want to thank the NCAA really. So all of that's going to go to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry, which is super awesome", Lawrence said in a video on Mowry's Instagram story. Everyone's made them out to be the bad guy, but it was more just so the rules that have already been in place.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend launched a GoFundMe page on Monday in an effort to help those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. "They've done a really good job of responding and actually allowing us to do it. Thank y'all". Again, our intentions were to try and help everyone, and that's changed a little bit.

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