Published: Wed, March 25, 2020
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Half-Life: Description from Valve About Possible Mode to Remove VR from Alyx

Half-Life: Description from Valve About Possible Mode to Remove VR from Alyx

Described as the return of the legendary Half-Life series, Half-Life: Alyx finally met with game lovers.

After the successful launch of Valve's Half-Life Alyx virtual reality game yesterday, Valve has confirmed that the other three or possibly two VR title left, and first announced by Valve's Gabe Newell back in 2017 may not be in development. That's because it's a VR-only game, and the vast majority of PC gamers don't have access to a VR setup. Team Fortress 2 chief designer and Half-Life: Alyx programmer Robin Walker, who interviewed VGC, said that a mode that separates Half-Life: Alyx from VR is not a bad idea.

"All the resource for VR game development later in the cycle, during Alyx's development, all of those resources got moved onto Alyx", - "So at the moment, no, there aren't three other titles in development". He suspects the same will be true if a mod is released that removes VR from the game.

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"I know it's going to happen", Walker said, explaining he wasn't too concerned because of how different the experience would be.

Robin Walker, for his part, thinks that such a mod will show exactly why Valve went with a VR requirement from the get-go, but he's also open to being proven wrong.

Robin Walker also made some statements in the same interview because the team felt about the announcement of the new Half-Life game. We just kept telling ourselves that if the game was really good then people would forgive us, and if the game wasn't good then who cares? "We really don't know those answers until we put the game out and we start listening".

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