Published: Tue, March 24, 2020
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Robert De Niro & Danny Devito plea with New Yorkers to "stay home"

Robert De Niro & Danny Devito plea with New Yorkers to

De Niro is among celebrities who have featured in multiple videos New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently released to persuade people to stay home to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading.

Robert De Niro and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urge people to stay at home amid Coronavirus.

Robert De Niro, who was born in New York's Greenwich Village, said: "We all need to stay home".

The Taxi Driver legend added: "I'm watching you".

The actor channeled his character from the 2000 movie Meet the Parents - a former Central Intelligence Agency agent who intimidates his daughter's love interest, played by Ben Stiller - in a new public service announcement about the coronavirus. "I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart, all over the state of NY, stay home", Danny asked in ernest.

COVID-19 cases in United States top 16,000: Johns Hopkins University
Even if America cuts its rate of transmission in half, roughly 650,000 people could be infected in the next couple months. As of 12:45 CET (07:45 EDT, 04:45 PDT) there were 26,900 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. , with 348 deaths.

"Maybe read some books or watch some movies or take up a hobby", the Meet the Parent star encouraged before revealing that he's taken up chainsaw art to pass the time.

The Twins star added: "I mean everybody". "Young people can get [the virus] and they can transmit it to old people and the next think you know - I'm out of there", the 75-year old quipped. "Stay home, not spread this virus around".

In another PSA, La La Anthony appeals to people's emotions: "If you care about your older loved ones, if you care about each other, you'll stay inside".

As of Monday morning, NY reported 20,875 cases - the most of any state. We need to stop the spread of this virus and we can only do it together.

"I swear to God if one of you kills Danny DeVito", Twitter user @ByChrisMason captioned the coronavirus video.

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