Published: Tue, March 24, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Pakistani PM Khan urges U.S. to lift sanctions on Iran

Pakistani PM Khan urges U.S. to lift sanctions on Iran

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday appealed to US President Donald Trump to lift sanctions against Iran on humanitarian grounds to help the neighbouring country combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The offer of USA help is in reference to comments made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on February 28 when he told reporters, "We have made offers to the Islamic Republic of Iran to help, and we've made it clear to others around the world and in the region that assistance, humanitarian assistance to push back against the coronavirus in Iran is something the United States of America fully supports". If they want to help Iran, all they need to do is to lift sanctions.

The EU and United States have been at loggerheads over Iran since President Donald Trump abruptly withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal in 2018 and reimposed sanctions.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signalled on Twitter that Washington was unreceptive to the Islamic republic's first-ever request for a loan from the International Monetary Fund, where America effectively holds a veto.

"American leaders are mendacity". DEFY U.S. mass punishment. "It's as if someone has taken a well and does not permit you to have clear water and then brings you a glass of muddy water and offers it to you and says 'I know you are thirsty; I have come here to help, '" he added.

"You may have blocked Iran's oil exports, you've gotten stopped Iran's banking transactions".

But the USA has sent Iran a blunt message: the spread of the virus will not save it from the United States sanctions that are choking off its oil revenues and isolating its economy.

Verizon will add an extra 15GB to phone plans for free
Verizon has a program called Lifeline that offers discounted in-home internet and voice services to qualified low-income families. Verizon has also chose to waive late fees and overage charges for residential and small business customers affected by COVID-19.

Iran has struggled to contain coronavirus with millions of people in the country ignoring the advice to stop travelling for the Persian New Year holidays.

Even those who traveled stayed at homes of their relatives, Rouhani said.

Last weekend, the government closed shopping centres and only left open shops that sell essential goods and pharmacies open.

Iran's Military has been ordered to arrange a hospital with 2,00zero beds in Tehran "inside two days for the therapy of the coronavirus sufferers", the semi-official Tasnim information company reported Monday.

The outbreak has infected multiple senior officials, politicians, clerics, members of the elite Revolutionary Guards and dozens of lawmakers in Iran. "At least five foreign countries' first cases of coronavirus were directly imported from Iran, putting millions more lives at risk", the statement said.

The spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 continues, with more cases diagnosed in Canada.

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