Published: Tue, March 24, 2020
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Over 59,138 Covid-19 cases in Italy, death toll rises to 5,476

Italy has recorded a smaller day-to-day increase in new coronavirus cases for the second straight day, officials said Monday while cautioning it was too soon to know if the worst is behind the country with the world's second-biggest caseload.

The number of recoveries had also increased, with 408 more people cured by Monday, reaching a total of 7,432. There were just over 600 registered on Monday compared with 651 on Sunday.

Italy has been anxious to see the day-to-day figures for new cases and deaths go down as its health system struggles under the weight of the world's largest COVID-19 outbreak outside of China.

The total number of cases in Italy rose yesterday to 59,138 - a jump of 5560 from 53,578.

"The more we have consecutive (downward) measurements, the more confident we can be", Silvio Brusaferro, president of Italy's National Health Institute (ISS), said at the press conference alongside Borrelli.

"I am looking carefully and favorably at such numbers, but I do not want yet to commit myself to saying whether this is a trend or not", he stressed, adding that this week would be crucial for evaluating the trends. "We can take note of what we see today".

Australians Told to Stop Travelling Within Country Due to Coronavirus Spread
Mr Morrison described the measures as "stage one", with their status to be reviewed monthly. He warned the closures could continue for six months.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever or coughing.

"Of the 50,418 people who are positive, some 26,522 are now under home isolation - being asymptomatic or with light symptoms - another 3,204 are in intensive care, and all the other hospitalized in ordinary wards", he specified.

A 95-year-old nan has become the oldest Italian to beat the deadly coronavirus which has claimed the lives of almost 5500 of her fellow citizens. "They were good people who looked after me well and now they will send me home in a little while".

The 95 year old from Fanano, Modena is said to have been admitted to hospital in Pavullo on March 5th and tested positive with the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis has cancelled his one-day trip to Malta on 31 May due to the outbreak, saying that it would be rescheduled at a later date.

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