Published: Sat, March 14, 2020
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Poachers kill world's only female white giraffe

Poachers kill world's only female white giraffe

The calf who died was the second birth from this particular female giraffe, leaving one lone bull giraffe that carries on the family's white genes, officials say.

Two very rare white giraffes are reported to have been killed by poachers in Kenya.

A rare white giraffe which is found in North Kenya was declared dead by the conservationists on Tuesday, March 10. A third white giraffe (male) is still alive.

According to KWS head of communication Ngugi Gecaga, the conservancy informed them of the missing giraffe and calf after failing to see them for a period of time.

The Kenya Wildlife Service told NY Times that it was investigating the killings.

The head of Kenya's Community Preservation, Ishaqbini Hirola, Mohammed Ahmednoor, said that the.

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Scientists believed it suffered from a genetic condition called leucism which inhibits skin cells from producing pigment. Ahmednoor expressed his disappointment and sadness at the slaughter of the alabaster giraffes stating that they were "a big boost to tourism in the area".

The female giraffe and her calf reportedly drew global attention when they were sighted grazing in 2017 by a villager in Kenya who was herding his animals near the Ishaqbini sanctuary.

The animals' skeletons were discovered after a long hunt in the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy from the southern Garissa County.

Congratulatory messages flew across the country following its the new addition, with tourists flocking into the conservancy.

The condition leucism, which leads to the white colour of these giraffes, is different from albinism, because of which animals lack melanin throughout their body. A movie of this female with her calf submitted on YouTube from the book has since been seen nearly half a thousand times.

The African Wildlife Foundation estimates that 40 per cent of the overall giraffe population has been lost in the past 30 years.

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