Published: Thu, February 27, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Year-old Arrested For Temper Tantrum, Restrained With Zip Ties

Year-old Arrested For Temper Tantrum, Restrained With Zip Ties

"What are those for?" the 6-year-old girl asked the Orlando police officers.

When her hands are tied behind her back, Kaia starts crying and screaming, "No, don't put handcuffs on!"

6-Year-Old Kaia Rolle was reportedly arrested September of last year at the Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando after she threw a tantrum in her 1st grade class. Kaia cries. "Please, let me go!" The officers continued with the arrest.

Staff at Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy Charter School did not stop the arrest, which came after she allegedly hit three employees. He downplayed the juvenile detention center, saying it's "not like you think".

According to family's lawyer Kaia has been moved to different school and is undergoing counselling sessions twice a week. The officer also told school employees that the young pupil has "broken the record" for being the youngest person to be arrested.

Meralyn said that when she disclosed this to police, official Dennis Turner reacted: 'Well, I have rest apnoea, and I don't carry on like that.' Officers later took Kaia's fingerprints and mugshot before releasing her. The child was unprepared to go, and she protested being put in a police vehicle.

In response to this, the second police officer says: "You don't want to?"

While the police report says the assistant principal wanted to press charges and would testify in court, the statement the assistant principal gave to police at the time and obtained by CNN does not show an initial by the box: "I will testify in court and prosecute criminally".

The video then shows the officer lifting the sobbing girl into the back seat of the police vehicle and putting a seat belt around her.

"Yes", answers the questions of the staff member. "She broke the record".

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"The restraints, are they necessary?" a staff member can be heard asking.

'Yes, ' Turner replied, adding: 'If she was bigger, she would have been wearing regular handcuffs'. Another six-year-old student was also arrested in a separate incident.

When learning she was 6-years-old, Turner also said "she's six?"

Details about the boy's arrest have not been made public.

Kirkland hopes that the video of Kaia's arrest will help convince state officials to set a minimum age of 12. State attorney Aramis Ayala said after the incident that her office never meant to move forward with charges against Kaia.

The child continues pleading with the officers as they walk out of the school, and her cries gets progressively getting louder.

"I knew that what they did was wrong, but I never knew she was begging for help", Kirkland told the newspaper late Monday. "I watched her break".

"You're discussing traumatizing a 6- and 7-year-old - and that's a boasting right for you?" she said.

Kaia was processed at a juvenile facility and had to use a step stool for her mug shot, Kirkland told the paper. She said she worries about how the trauma from the arrest will affect her granddaughter in years to come.

A few days after the incident made national headlines, Police Chief Orlando Rolon fired Turner.

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