Published: Thu, February 27, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung starts production of an important Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G component

Samsung starts production of an important Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G component

The leaks do not specify, which specific RAM modules will these smartphones use, however, considering that now Samsung Electronics is the only company that can offer 16GB RAM modules, it is pretty much clear that the devices will sport this specific module only.

Samsung states that this 16GB RAM is being manufactured using a second-gen 10nm production technique.

"With our newest DRAM, we have a lineup of LPDDR5 8GB, 12GB, and 16GB mobile DRAMs that is the first in the industry." said the same representative for Samsung Electronics.

Samsung starts mass-producing 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM chips using 10nm tech

If you haven't been introduced to the new generation of RAM type for smartphones before, you might have come to the right place. As the official blog notes, the new 16GB RAM will have added capacities for enhanced 5G, AI features, and advanced graphics. Starting the production of 12 GB LPDDR5 DRAM in July 2019, the company is now on its way to some more powerful RAMs. According to the statements made by Samsung, the company will start mass production of 16 GB capacity LPDDR5 RAMs based on 10nm production technology after June. This will bump the data transfer speed by 17% to 6400Mbps. According to market research firm IHS Markit, Samsung Electronics widened its gap with rivals SK Hynix (27.3 percent) and U.S. Micron (14.6 percent), dominating a 56.6 percent market share in the global mobile DRAM market in the third quarter of past year. These RAMs will be able to transfer 6,400 MB of data per second. Many more are coming this year, though.

But it'll probably be a premium option for the foreseeable future - prices for a Galaxy S20 Ultra start at $1400 for a 12GB RAM/128GB storage model and go up to $1600 if you want a 16GB/512GB version. All three of those smartphones are now up for pre-order, and will go on sale soon. The new RAM module will also offer improved performance in gaming and smartphone photography.

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