Published: Tue, February 25, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple may let users ignore iPhone’s default apps in favour of others

Apple may let users ignore iPhone’s default apps in favour of others

According to people familiar with the matter, the tech giant is discussions about letting users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple's mobile devices - replacing Apple's own in-house Mail app and Safari browser. This isn't a move by Apple to boost independent developers, however, as sources have mentioned to Bloomberg that Apple is only doing this in time after Spotify logged an antitrust complaint in Europe over App Store's reinforced garden. Also similarly, the company is also discussing whether to allow users to set third-party music apps like the aforementioned Spotify to be the default music app when launched by its digital assistant, Siri. If that indeed happens, Apple might in the long run introduce the ability for users to replace other default apps such as Maps and Messages as well. It's probably not the most significant change we've seen so far, but it is one that would bring a notable impact on app developers who challenges the company's built-in apps. When you click on it, that link opens in a browser. This is about allowing third-party apps to be set as default which means that you can set Google's Chrome and Gmail as your defaults. The main reason behind this strategy shift is to allow Homepod users with more listening options who are now restricted to Apple's Music service. Apple is doing what you would, too, and it's probably doing what it must.

Till now, it was impossible for iOS users to change the default application.

Apple bans vaping apps on App Store

Back in December 2019, Kuo's report indicated that the Lightning Port-less phone would likely be the top-tier model of the 2021 iPhone line (the iPhone 13 Pro Max, using Apple's current naming scheme) while other models (the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13) would retain the Lightning Port. As we know by now, Apple is consistent with its schedule year by year when it comes to updates, new software, or hardware releases. Being pegged as a default app is a clear advantage over the competition.

Microsoft has previously been accused of using Windows 10 as an adware platform to promote some of its other products and services, and now it looks like it's Apple's turn to face similar criticism.

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