Published: Tue, February 25, 2020
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Apex Legends Season One 'Kings Canyon' Map Is Making A Comeback

Apex Legends Season One 'Kings Canyon' Map Is Making A Comeback

Yesterday, the Season 1 version of Kings Canyon returned to Apex Legends.

If you are an Apex Legends player and you find yourself getting nostalgic for the original map when the game first kicked off in 2019, you're in luck!

Respawn made a decision to appease these fans by bringing the original map back for a limited time, news that's sure to excite numerous longtime players.

Players will likely be able to choose which map to play on.

It was always known that Respawn wouldn't ever get rid of the map for good, especially when you consider how much time they put into fine-tuning it.

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However, players won't be forced to return to Kings Canyon, as the Season 4 World's Edge map will still be available at the same time.

To go along with this, the loot at Skull Town and in Kings Canyon as a whole isn't great. This is one area where World's Edge seems to beat out the Season 1 map. Just like most other Apex events, you'll have a choice.

In celebration of the game's first anniversary, Respawn has announced that Kings Canyon is coming out of retirement and will be available in its original, unaltered state.

Of course, it will likely not be gone forever as the developers have clearly shown a willingness to bring it back for special occasions.

Season 4 has only featured the World's Edge map with the exception of this weekend.

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