Published: Thu, February 20, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK's battle with Greece over Parthenon Marbles inflamed by Brexit

UK's battle with Greece over Parthenon Marbles inflamed by Brexit

Leaders from the EU's 27 countries are flying in to Brussels to discuss the bloc's trillion-euro spending plan for the next seven years now that Britain has left.

He claimed the bloc will stick to its previous offer of an "ambitious partnership" with the United Kingdom remaining tied into a swathe of Brussels regulations after the end of the Brexit transition at the end of the year.

Michel also wants European Union funding to be conditional on governments respecting the rule of law - a point numerous net payers have insisted on to keep the pressure on Poland and Hungary, which stand accused of violating democratic checks and balances.

Speaking to journalists outside of the European Parliament on Tuesday, Mr Barnier said the country "has a very particular proximity - a unique territorial and economic closeness - which is why it can't be compared to Canada or South Korea or Japan".

"At the moment, we remain 230 billion euros ($248 billion) apart", European Parliament President David Sassoli said this week. Ahead of negotiations, set to start next month, the two sides have exchanged demands and barbs.

At the same time, The Guardian cites unnamed sources, noting that privately, he has suggested to MEPs that London was backing out of the declaration on the future of their relations following the divorce, signed in 2019. According to the Financial Times, the latest version of the EU's negotiating mandate goes further in requiring Britain to commit to a long-term level playing field on regulation if it expects significant access to the single market.

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Michel needs not less than 1 / 4 of 2021-27 spending to additional climate objectives, together with the final ambition to make the European Union "climate impartial" by 2050.

"It's a big worry for numerous manufacturing sectors in the UK".

"While we ould expect significant investment to deliver the Green Deal, the digital transition and a stronger Europe, President Michel confirms or deepens the cuts to funding for agriculture, cohesion, research, infrastructure investments, digitisation, SMEs, Erasmus, youth employment, migration, defence and many other areas", it said in a statement on Wednesday.

It's not a good thing that we continue to discuss the future relationship as if the United Kingdom and Europe are living on two different planets.

According to a document shared on social media, the EU's latest negotiating position called for the United Kingdom and Brussels to "address issues relating to the return or restitution of unlawfully removed cultural objects to their countries of origin". He also reiterated the United Kingdom prime minister's wish for a Canada-style deal, avoiding European Court of Justice supervision.

He reiterated Mr Johnson's desire for a Canada-type agreement and said if it could not be agreed, the United Kingdom would trade on the basic global terms it now follows with Australia.

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