Published: Thu, February 20, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Japanese expert warns of alarming state inside Diamond Princess

Japanese expert warns of alarming state inside Diamond Princess

The much-criticized quarantine of the cruise ship was to end later Wednesday.

The 1,000-some crew members still left on the coronavirus-stricken ship will soon be moving from their decks below the waterline-where they share rooms, toilets and dining areas-into the very passenger cabins that they stayed on board to serve during the first quarantine, several crew members and a passenger tell TIME.

Right after they disembarked from the ship, where at least 621 people have contracted the virus, Fehrenbacher said they boarded a bus to take them to Tokyo International Airport in what should have been a 20-minute drive, but ended up taking six hours.

The UK government said it hopes to fly the Britons back "later this week".

"But then my mum's turning around a little bit and she's coming up with some added strength".

Japan also let people off the boat piecemeal, including those over 80 who tested negative, which experts said went against common protocols. "A lot of people in hazmat suits".

"I was actually watching him heave today he had to give the phone to my mum". Hundreds of people began disembarking the ship Wednesday as criticism of the country's handling of the coronavirus outbreak mounted.

Only Canadians citizens and permanent residents who test negative for the virus will be allowed on the plane chartered by the Canadian government. But inside the [cruise ship] I was so scared of getting COVID-19 because there was no way to tell where the virus is.

BBC correspondent Laura Bicker said the first passengers who stepped off the cruise ship quickly made their way onto waiting coaches, while some even chose to take a taxi.

Meanwhile, the virus spread, most likely by people within their own cabins or by asymptomatic crew members interacting with passengers, experts said. A total of 542 people on board have tested positive for coronavirus as of Tuesday.

Kiwis and Australians stuck on the coronavirus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama are on their way home.

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'The Canadian embassy is provide full possible consular support - such as hospital visits and critical communications with family, insurance companies and health care providers - to the Canadian passengers who are on board and in local hospitals, ' spokesperson Barbara Harvey said in a statement. Those who remain will have to undergo a new quarantine that will not begin until all the passengers have left the ship.

Japanese health officials are permitting hundreds of people to leave a cruise ship sitting in the port of Yokohama.

"The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of infection control", he said.

Passengers would be virus tested by the Australian Medical Assistance Team twice on the flight to Darwin, and again on the ground in Darwin.

"If any of those 500 individuals are infected, we won't be able to contain it", he told health minister Katsunobu Kato during the meeting.

The video "also said that crew would be paid in full during the quarantine for that 14 days", Arana added.

MacLeod said: "You have gone above and beyond".

The entry ban, however, can be implemented only after the authorities secure the list of passengers from Japan, the official said.

In a follow-up post, he said: "Frankly i think this is a setup!"

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention praised Japan's "extraordinary efforts" in the quarantine but questioned whether they were enough.

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