Published: Wed, February 19, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Andrew Sabisky resigns over controversial remarks - BBC Newsnight

Andrew Sabisky resigns over controversial remarks - BBC Newsnight

He took up his impressive function as Downing Street adviser immediately after Johnson grew to become primary minister in July.

He also said in a 2014 web post that one way to stop unplanned pregnancies "creating a permanent underclass" was to force people to use contraception.

When asked on Monday, Downing Street did not comment on the remarks attributed to Mr Sabisky.

"The media hysteria about my old stuff on the web is mad but I wished to help (the govt) not be a distraction". Accordingly I've made a decision to resign as a contractor.

An account in Sabisky's name made the comments about black IQ in a reply to a 2014 blog post written by an American professor discussing education disabilities in the United States.

"I know this will disappoint a lot of people but I signed up to do real work, not be in the middle of a giant character assassination", it continued.

In a post online following his departure from Downing Street he said he resigned as he didn't want to be a "distraction".

One Conservative MP from a BME background said: "I'm not necessarily against hiring intellectually interesting people with sometimes controversial views, but this guy just doesn't seem very smart, and if you are not very smart and at the very least appear bigoted that can not be a good look for the party".

Johnson's deputy official spokesman declined to comment beyond saying: "The prime minister's views are well publicised and well documented".

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The blame for recruiting Sabisky fell on Dominic Cummings, Johnson's chief adviser, who launched a high-profile drive to attract "weirdos and misfits" to join his effort to revolutionize the way British government works.

During the same interview, he argued matter-of-factly that "from a societal perspective", the benefits of giving everyone mind-enhancing drugs on a weekly basis would be worth "a dead kid once a year" - all the while telling the "aghast" interviewer that he was "uneasy about the ethics" of many of his own proposals.

When asked if Mr Cummings holds too much of a strong position, Mr Clarke said: "I don't know what power he has but he shouldn't have the power of the Prime Minister, he just has the ear of the Prime Minister".

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said Johnson's office must "ensure this doesn't happen again" and needs to review the process for vetting potential recruits.

Mr Johnson has his own record of offensive comments. "Blacks are at the other pole, and whites fall somewhere in the middle, although closer to the Orientals than the blacks".

Lawmaker Caroline Nokes, a member of Johnson's Conservative Party who chairs Parliament's Women and Equalities Committee, tweeted: "Cannot believe No 10 has refused to comment on Andrew Sabisky". "Obviously we can't have people with those kinds of views operating at the heart of government".

"Andrew Sabisky's presence in no.10 is a poor reflection on the Govt and there is no way to defend it".

Labour had called for Mr Sabisky to go for reportedly saying black people had lower average IQs than white people.

Scottish Initially Minister Nicola Sturgeon reported Johnson's governing administration desired "to get a grip quickly and exhibit some primary but elementary values in the phrases of our public debate".

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