Published: Tue, February 18, 2020
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Americans on Evacuation Plane Test Positive for Coronavirus

Americans on Evacuation Plane Test Positive for Coronavirus

In total, 454 passengers among the 3,000 passengers quarantined on the cruise liner have now been diagnosed with the virus.

Two planes chartered by the USA government arrived at the airport in Tokyo on Sunday night to evacuate the roughly 400 Americans aboard the ship. A second arrived at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas at 3:56 a.m. local time Monday.

The woman is the first confirmed case among the 24 Russians on board the Diamond Princess.

Japanese officials said everyone left on the ship will be released from quarantine Wednesday, but the New York Times reported that American passengers who stayed will not be allowed to re-enter the United States until March 4, two weeks after leaving the ship.

On a charter flight on Sunday 16 February to Travis Air Flight in Texas, 400 Americans were evacuated from the ship and taken back to the US.

The officials said those Americans were separated from the other evacuees, even though the 14 individuals weren't showing symptoms of the virus officials said.

Others who were on board said they are grateful to the president and the US government for rescuing them from the virus stricken vessel. All passengers on board will be placed in a 14-day quarantine.

Some American passengers said they would pass up the opportunity to fly to the United States because of the additional quarantine.

The U.S. had previously confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus in the country.

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Italy are planning similar flights for their citizens.

Matthew Smith, one of the almost 400 Americans quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship for two weeks amid an outbreak of the coronavirus aboard, said on "America's Newsroom" on Monday that he and his wife are glad they decided not to evacuate and fly back home with the group because some of those Americans tested positive for the virus shortly before boarding the planes.

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Downing Street said passengers are being contacted to establish interest in the mission, which follows growing anger from British passengers on board the Diamond Princess.

"We are glad to be going home", Cheryl Molesky earlier told NHK TV in Japan. "It's just a little bit disappointing that we'll have to go through quarantine again, and we will probably not be as comfortable as the Diamond Princess, possibly".

"Well, we're exhausted, but we're on the plane and that's a good feeling".

"When I heard their voices though, the sound of those familiar American voices, it was immediately comforting", she said in the post.

The number of people infected globally stands at 68,500, with 1,770 deaths in China.

One of the Americans, Matthew Smith, said in a tweet Sunday that he saw a passenger with no face mask talking at close quarters with another passenger.

"If there are secondary infections on board, this is why", he said. He said he and his wife scurried away.

"That did get to me a bit".

"The Australians who have been quarantined over the last 12 days, many of them have done everything that they have been asked to do and they are probably wondering why we are imposing this extra requirement", he said.

"We've also told them that if they do not choose to travel on this flight, they will need to undertake a quarantine in Japan before they come back to New Zealand".

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