Published: Mon, February 17, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip flexible display is scratchable and here's why

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip flexible display is scratchable and here's why

Samsung has announced pre-book for consumers planning to buy Galaxy S20, the latest series of flagship devices that were launched at the Unpacked 2020 on February 11.

When launching the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung was clear to come out to assure the audience how it was glass. Early impressions of the Z Flip have been positive, with many praising Samsung for offering high-end specifications and seemingly solid build quality at a lower price point than the Razr.

Samsung recently launched its second foldable smartphone named Galaxy Z Flip, which unlike the Galaxy Fold, comes with a clamshell design. However, it seems that the phone's durability is not all that unbelievable.

Despite the observations from the scratch test, the Galaxy Z Flip has actually managed to survive Zack's bend test which has left a positive impression on the famed tech YouTuber. A fingernail could scratch the display and that was a major concern for a $2000 device.

One of the first generation flaws of the Galaxy Fold was the fact that the screen was made of plastic and could be easily scratched. Yeah, we said folding glass. Thus, it's not as structurally rigid as normal smartphone glass. And unfortunately, the Galaxy Z Flip didn't fare much better than its plastic brethren. But, the JerryRigEverything durability test does not seem to prove Samsung's claims.

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Samsung's marketing material for the Galaxy Z Flip shows the plastic protective cover as a key part of the display.

Since Samsung has stated that the Galaxy Z Flip screen is made from glass, the screen should be able to withstand the scratch test at those levels and would only be damaged at level 5 or 6. "Samsung's first-of-its-kind UTG technology is different from other Galaxy flagship devices". It stressed that the screen still had to be "handled with care" and that there was a "protective layer" on top of the glass. By the end, he started to poke at the Galaxy Z Flip's screen with one of the hardness picks which pierced the display and let air in, making that area of the screen go black. "The program is rolling out soon", the spokesperson continued.

As long as you take proper care of your device, though, you shouldn't have anything catastrophic happen.

Editor's Note: The Galaxy Z Flip does not now having a confirmed release date or local Australian pricing.

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