Published: Mon, February 17, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple Can Design Its Own 5G Antenna For iPhone 12

Apple Can Design Its Own 5G Antenna For iPhone 12

In an antenna just lately advanced by way of Apple, the facility is two times as prime to produce an identical quantity of the similar indicators because the antennas from the opposite corporate. As per a report by Mac Rumors that cites DigitTimes, Apple is also planning to release its first 5G-enabled iPad also at the same time. Because of this, Apple wants to use its slimmer antenna that would perfectly fit in the chassis of the upcoming iPhone model.

The report goes on to specify that the 5G iPhone will have a Snapdragon X55 modem, so it's possible the iPad will pack the same chip. It is safe to assume that Apple would like to do this to minimize its dependency on Qualcomm. The company is apparently considering two designs: a thinner one using Apple-made antennas, and a thicker one that would feature Qualcomm's.

Will Apple be able to pull it off with its own modems and match Qualcomm's product? However, it is clear that Qualcomm is far ahead in creating 5G modems than the Intel division which Apple bought. In addition, it has been added to the report that Apple's desire to use its own antenna design is aimed at reducing its overall dependence on Qualcomm.

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Apple is trying to design its own antenna for 5G support in iPhone 12 but the tech giant has very less experience in the field. The 5G iPhone will likely be a "phased array" antenna that is composed of 2 elements which are to be mixed into a unmarried radio beam that may be directed in numerous instructions using five g of a modem chip with out transferring the antenna.

Creating 5G antennas for mmWave networks is harder than creating other kinds of antennas because they send and receive higher frequency signals, leaving less room for error. The latest rumors indicate that things are not going as planned and that Apple may have chose to handle the making of the antenna on its own.

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