Published: Sun, February 16, 2020
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Watch Astronaut Christina Koch Reunite With Her Dog After a Year Apart

Watch Astronaut Christina Koch Reunite With Her Dog After a Year Apart

With her tail in rapid movement, the ecstatic pooch barks and jumps with joy while greeting her much-missed owner. Soon after Koch shared the 29-second clip on social media with the caption, "Not sure who was more excited".

So when the American finally arrived home after her space expedition, Sadie Lou couldn't contain her excitement.

After spending a record-breaking 328 days in space, the longest single spaceflight by a woman, NASA astronaut Christina Koch officially returned to Earth on February 6. Koch wrote on the tear-jerking post, describing her sweet pup in the caption as "Sadie Lou, our LBD (little brown dog)". She also said it's good to be back home and she is enjoying her favourite things from food to hanging out at the beach.

"Australia. Our hearts and thoughts are with you", Koch wrote on Twitter at the time.

Koch now holds the record for the longest stint in orbit by any woman in the history of space travel.

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On October 18, 2019, Koch was part of the two first women to participate in an all-female spacewalk.

Koch's return to Earth.

She completed astronaut candidate training in July 2015 and was assigned to her first space flight, a long-duration mission on the International Space Station, in 2018.

Being in space for long periods of time can affect the human body in many different ways.

The spacewalker also made news of sharing devastating images of the Australian bushfires as seen from the International Space Station.

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