Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
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Trevor Bauer Rant - Other Baseball

Trevor Bauer Rant - Other Baseball

The changes would include increasing the number of teams from 10 to 14 and adding a reality television-type format to determine which teams play each other in an expanded Wild Card round. The top-seeded team in each league would have a bye to go directly to the Division Series while the No. 2 overall team (a division winner) would get to pick which of four wild-card teams it would like to play in the first round. The division victor with the third-best record would then get to pick from among the remaining two wild cards.

Now, however, Major League Baseball appears to be considering arguably its most aggressive change (s) in quite some time, and as a result the postseason picture may look drastically different as soon as 2022. By extending the format to a seventh seed (fourth best record for a non-division winner), the average minimum win total for that slot since 1998 would be a paltry 83 and 84 wins in the National League and American League, respectively.

In the best case, then, the slight boost in motivation for intermediate teams to improve would void the diminished incentive for good teams to improve, maintaining a status quo that has been heavily criticized for encouraging rich owners to be cheap. The divisional victor with the best record gets a first round bye. Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer was one such voice.

On Monday night, Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Trevor Bauer expressed his overall disagreement with the proposal - and with Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

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There are many examples of average teams that have splashed this offseason that in the proposed playoff format might not be so motivated to load. In other words, a wildcard team gets hot at the end of the season and runs through the competition, winning a World Series title.

Part of the integrity of a sport has always come from the fact that a playoff series is determined or earned by what a team has accomplished.

There are a few different ways to discuss gambling under this new playoff system that could begin as early as 2022. Teams may also be willing to spend more in free agency if they have a better chance of reaching the postseason.

Whether you like this proposed playoff system or not, there's no denying it would have wide-sweeping changes to the game itself.

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