Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Storm Dennis brings risk of floods this weekend

Storm Dennis brings risk of floods this weekend

A landslip which has shut the Kilmarnock-Carlisle railway line near Holywood, north of Dumfries, since Monday will take another month to fix, Network Rail said.

Last week a tree fell in high winds blocking rail lines at Four Ashes in south Staffordshire hitting services in and out of Wolverhampton, .

The storm is due to clear in Newbury at around 7pm on Sunday.

Markets in Walsall, Bloxwich and Willenhall will be closed on Saturday in light of warnings issued, said Walsall Council.

Dennis over the weekend will "dumbell" or do a "Fujiwhara" dance around another low to the SW of Iceland, that arrived ahead of Dennis, part of a train of lows crossing the Atlantic over the last few days.

It was caused by the River Nith eroding an embankment under the railway during Storm Ciara, with 1,700 tons dislodged over a 50m section of track.

Dudley Zoo said officials would assess the weather conditions and would make a decision on opening by Saturday morning.

Spokeswoman Rachel Hickman said if the weather allowed then the Castle Hill attraction would open as normal.

Storm Dennis to bring fresh risk of flooding this weekend

Black Country Living Museum said staff would monitor forecasts and post any updates online.

Five flood alerts for southern Scotland and the west coast as far north as Mull were issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

These include amber warnings stating that flooding could cause a danger to life, power cuts are expected and there is a good chance transport links will be impacted.

As it stands, the bridge on the A14 is set to close from 3pm Saturday until 7am Sunday, when winds are forecast to decrease to a safer speed.

Storm Dennis will, though, perhaps be more notable for not just the low central pressure but also the prolonged rainfall it brings rather than the strong winds, because the storm and its associated fronts hang around for longer than Storm Ciara, through the weekend and into Monday before eventually moving on east.

The warning, which expires at midday on Monday, is part of a wider alert across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern counties of England.

The Environmental Agency says rain totals could be around 20mm to 40mm.

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