Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

#SONA2020: South Africans react to the chaotic SONA 2020

#SONA2020: South Africans react to the chaotic SONA 2020

But Thursday night's events in the National Assembly, where the EFF prevented President Cyril Ramaphosa from delivering his State of the Nation Address, have again proved that Julius Malema's party does not believe in a constitutional democracy.

Malema said Parliament was wrong to invite De Klerk, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela for their efforts to end the white rule in the country.

But speaking to journalists outside the National Assembly, Malema says its impossible to have a normal state of the nation address considering the current state of affairs in South Africa.

EFF members disrupted proceedings which began 90 minutes later when they demanded that former President F W de Klerk be ejected from the gallery and that Pravin Gordhan be fired.

"It is an insult to those who died and were tortured during apartheid under instructions of De Klerk".

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Inkatha's Buthelezi suggested a vote get taken as to whether De Klerk be allowed to remain or not. "The former President De Klerk has been invited because of that".

Modise also wanted a review of the rules, saying they made it hard to summarily eject misbehaving MPs, especially when they did not sit down when told to - and fines for misconduct, that would "touch them in their pockets".

The Boipatong massacre is one of the bloodiest and brutal moments of popular violence that engulfed South Africa in the decade between 1984 and 1993; De Klerk was president of South Africa under the apartheid regime from 1989 to 1994.

The EFF also wanted Ramaphosa to fire the Minister of State Enterprises Pravin Gordhan, alleging he has run down state-owned enterprises.

Modise made her ruling: "We agree with all the parties who are saying that the matters are grave and that the conduct of all the members who've left this House must be referred to the Powers and Privileges Committee".

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