Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

New York Man Allegedly Brainwashed His Daughter's College Classmates Into Prostitution

New York Man Allegedly Brainwashed His Daughter's College Classmates Into Prostitution

The allegations stem from so-called therapy sessions he provided to Sarah Lawrence College students after he moved into his daughter's on-campus housing in 2010.

Sarah Lawrence College spokeswoman Patricia Pasquale confirmed that Ray is the parent of a former student. That victim allegedly was forced to work as a prostitute for more than four years, and Ray allegedly collected more than $500,000 from her, Berman said.

Prosecutors said the investigation was prompted by an April 2019 magazine article, an apparent reference to an article titled "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence", published on NY magazine's The Cut.

A former convict is accused of running a sex cult and sexually abusing students in the Hudson Valley.

Lawrence Ray , 60, who was the subject of a cover story for New York Magazine, has been charged with sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor, and other offenses, officials announced on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

In total, he is accused of extorting about $1m from at least five victims. "We have not been contacted by the Southern District of NY, but will, of course, cooperate in their investigation to the full extent of the law if invited to do so", spokesperson Patricia Pasquale said in a statement.

Ray often falsely accused the victims of damaging his property, damaging the apartment he had moved into with numerous victims subsequently or poisoning him or his family members.

Lawrence Ray "exploited and abused young women and men emotionally, physically and sexually for his own financial gain", ultimately extorting approximately $1 million from five victims, Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney for the Southern District of NY, said Tuesday.

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In the early 1990s, Ray became close to Kerik, whom Giuliani had appointed as correction commissioner for New York City and later appointed police commissioner. "But as alleged, Lawrence Ray exploited that vulnerable time in his victims' lives through a course of conduct that shocks the conscience". Prosecutors also revealed they have interviewed 17 witnesses and issued more than 100 subpoenas as part of the ongoing investigation.

Ray used the false confessions to extort money from the victims, to force some of them to perform unpaid manual labor, and to force one of the female victims to engage in prostitution for Ray's financial benefit, according to the indictment.

"For the better part of the last 10 years, Ray has continued to mentally and physically torture his victims", William F. Sweeney Jr., head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in New York, said at a news conference per The New York Times. Ray was also physically violent with her and once tied her to a chair, placed a plastic bag over her head and nearly suffocated her, accused the accusation. Ray moved in after he was released from a prison sentence for security fraud. "Some victims depleted hundreds of thousands of dollars of their parents' savings accounts at Ray's address", Berman said.

At least five teens and young adults were allegedly threatened to contact their parents for money that was funneled to Ray, prosecutors said, adding, through physical violence, withholding of food, and other abuse, Ray coerced the victims into making false confessions. But they said they didn't hear anything from authorities afterward.

"The charges contained in the indictment are serious, wide-ranging, disturbing, and upsetting".

"It's quite shocking that it took 10 years to accuse this guy", said Wyatt Button, 20, a sophomore who studies film.

She said he would direct victims to write "sensitive and incriminating things" in journals that he would then use against them.

"It's creepy", McGonagle said.

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