Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Letter bomb explodes in Amsterdam as blackmail wave continues

Letter bomb explodes in Amsterdam as blackmail wave continues

Two suspected letter bombs went off on Wednesday in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Kerkrade but no one was injured, police have confirmed.

Dutch news agency ANP said the sender of the letters had demanded payments in bitcoin. Police did not reveal details about the warning letters.

A series of letter bombs have been sent in the country this week, including one disarmed near Utrecht earlier on Thursday. He threw it away and it made a bang, police said.

Bitcoin is a digital currency whose payments can be hard to trace.

Police said they had yet to analyse the ING bomb but all the others included blackmail letters demanding payment in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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Another point is that the investigation must determine whether this case is related to a series of letter bombs sent past year, since the content was similar.

The second occurred at a post-sorting company in the southern city of Kerkrade.

Copier firm Ricoh released a statement saying that "fortunately there were no injuries, but the people involved were of course very shocked". The blast triggered the center and some damage was closed for forensic analysis, authorities stated.

At that time, a supermarket chain received several letter bombs.

So far, two hotels have been targeted, two service stations, an estate agency, a auto dealership and the central debt collecting agency, alongside Wednesday's strikes.

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