Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
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Japanese man who believes in smiling is world's oldest

Japanese man who believes in smiling is world's oldest

THE OLDEST man in the world has revealed the secret to a long life- but it's something some us might struggle with!

Watanabe was born on March 5, 1907, and was the oldest of eight children.

The record for the oldest man ever was held by Jiroemon Kimura, of Japan, who was born in April 1897 and passed away aged 116 years 54 days in June, 2013.

The father-of-five, who used to work on a sugar cane plantation, says he's still got a sweet tooth despite losing all his teeth and loves custard pudding and cream puffs because they don't need to be chewed.

A 112-year-old Japanese who has been recognized as the world's oldest living man cited "laughter" Wednesday as the secret to his longevity.

To celebrate this announcement, an official certificate was presented to him at a nursing home in Niigata, where he now resides. Don't get angry and keep smiling.

After graduating from agricultural school, Watanabe moved to Taiwan to work at a Japanese sugar production company there.

After the end of World War II, Watanabe returned to Niigata and worked for the prefectural government until retirement.

Watanabe at a sugarcane farm

But Mr Watanabe and his family were tough, too: the Niigata native got back into the agriculture industry, and even after he retired he built a new family home with his son where he farmed all sorts of fruits and vegetables in the garden- until he was 104 years old!

The oldest living person, Kane Tanaka, also lives in Japan and celebrated her 117th birthday in January.

Following his retirement, in 1974 he and Tetsuo set up a one-hectare farm next to his family home.

Now living in a rest home, Chitetsu is not as active as before.

The former record holder was Masazo Nonaka, another Japanese, who died last month.

The world's previous oldest living man Masazo Nonaka died in January a year ago aged 113.

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