Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iran War Powers Resolution a Futile Exercise in Appeasement — Blue State Blues

Iran War Powers Resolution a Futile Exercise in Appeasement — Blue State Blues

Congress has let its power to declare war granted by the Constitution "atrophy" by failing to exercise it, Sen.

The Iran War Powers Resolution is purely a political exercise, drafted by Democrats to show defiance to the president in an election year.

Sixty-seven votes would be needed in the Senate to override a veto, which is considered unlikely.

President Donald Trump is reportedly scheduled to attend a 2020 reelection fundraiser Saturday at the Palm Beach, Florida mansion of billionaire financier Nelson Peltz, a move one critic described as the kind of "straight-up swampy behavior" Trump has repeatedly claimed to oppose. Ten Democrats joined all 53 Republicans in voting for it.

"Every Republican Senator except [Mitt] Romney, many highly religious people, all very smart, voted against the Impeachment Hoax".

"For almost two decades, Congress has been AWOL on certain matters of national security and attempted to pass the buck to our commander in chief when things go wrong", said Young, a conservative who served as a US Marine and who usually sides with Trump. We need you to help the WSWS and ICFI make 2020 the year of global socialist revival. "But if we're not even willing to have that discussion, we shouldn't be forcing people to risk their lives". The war powers resolution was filed before the trial began in the wake of escalating tensions with Iran. "And so, when the president said that continued support would be based on 'X, ' that essentially changed". And it's time for Congress to reclaim its authority. "We need a free media".

"When we stand up for the rule of law. and say 'This decision is fundamental, and we have rules that we are going to follow so we can make a good decision, ' that's a message of strength, " Kaine said.

"Trump is right", the headline of a George Conway opinion piece in the Washington Post said.

The bill is virtually certain to be passed by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which passed its own version of the measure last month.

Capito added she believes Iran will be less likely to attack American forces if the country's military leaders recognize the power of the US military. However, that resolution was nonbinding.

In short, yes: President Trump could be impeached again.

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Ironically, by purporting to restrain the president from military action against Iran, Congress may therefore have increased the risk of war.

For a more conventional President, that might mean putting the spectacle of impeachment behind him and focusing on how to use the 11 months of his term to govern.

Romney added that he expected Trump to be re-elected in November but that USA politics across the spectrum was becoming more hostile to worldwide trade.

President Trump's lawyers and the Senate decided there was not enough evidence for impeachment.

"Is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially "heavily populated" call", Trump tweeted out in September of a year ago. Lee in supporting the resolution, including Sen. "It's about Congress", Kaine said.

Kaine introduced the first version of his war powers resolution within hours of the Soleimani attack on January 3.

His resolution would direct the president "to terminate the use of United States Armed Forces for hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran or any part of its government or military, unless explicitly authorized by a declaration of war or specific authorization for use of military force against Iran".

The war powers concern is tied to a long-running debate on whether the president should be relying on authorizations issued in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Senior intelligence officials were scheduled to brief Congress on Wednesday about security threats the country faces, but the Trump administration put the hearings on hold without a clear explanation.

In the thick of the testimonies, Gordon Sondland, former USA ambassador to the European Union, testified that there was a quid pro quo involved in the phone call. Jerry Moran of Kansas backed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to require congressional approval for action against Iran. He also noted he's voted with Republicans 56 percent of the time. "Americans overwhelmingly support our attack on terrorist Soleimani", tweeted Trump on Wednesday. "If he would have said that I would have thrown him out of the office".

"This is one that is neither liberal or conservative, it's neither Democratic nor Republican. this is neither hawkish nor dovish", Lee argued this week. Congress must authorize any deployment of forces to Iran, and I do not support such a push towards war.

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