Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Markets | By Otis Pena

IBM Chooses Slack Over Microsoft Teams As Workplace Collaboration Competition Heats Up

IBM Chooses Slack Over Microsoft Teams As Workplace Collaboration Competition Heats Up

IBM has been Slack's biggest customer for many years and has enlarged its use of Slack during that moment.

A new report shows that IBM prefers Slack for internal communication. Slack offers convenient inter-communication within the company members, where employees can share simple messages, tools, or files.

According to a Busines Insider report, IBM is going all-in with Slack to help support communications of its 350,000 employees in the near future.

The rivalry between the two has been somewhat strained recently, with Microsoft claiming Slack does not have the "breadth and depth that is really needed to rediscover what it looked like to work together".

Before choosing Slack, IBM initially spent time experimenting with the platform until they were convinced to enable it for all employees. This is a significant increase from the 165,000 users of IBM Slack, reported in 2019 after the launch of the company's services grid. Slack will need to continue getting more large customers like IBM in order to keep this up, so it will be interesting to see how well the company does on that front.

Last month IBM's longtime CEO Ginny Rometty announced her retirement.

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Now the main competitor on the market corporate messengers to large companies - Microsoft Teams, which became part of Office 365 and attracted 20 million users.

This changed in late 2019 when IBM made a decision to go "all in", thereby becoming the platform's largest customer.

"(The employees) started explaining what they were doing and how they were using Slack to communicate. However, the news of IBM's adoption of Slack has had the opposite effect, with the company's stock price surging by 21% today.

IBM used the Slack in small teams in 2014, and a partnership with Slack was concluded in 2016, but late a year ago, the company chose to implement it in all parts of the organization.

IBM's use of Slack began in 2014, with a group of 68 engineers and grew from there.

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