Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Markets | By Otis Pena

Hyundai will make cheap EVs based on Canoo's subscription pods

Hyundai will make cheap EVs based on Canoo's subscription pods

For example, it needs to fit a variety of vehicles ranging from small hatches to large vans.

By ensuring that every component of the platform is fulfilling as many functions as possible, the overall design is reduced in size which provides more interior cabin space and a more cost-effective EV offering for the car-buying public. Canoo's skateboard design places not only the battery but also the motor and controller under the passenger area, giving more interior space and flexibility in designing a auto.

The move will help both Hyundai and Kia reduce their development cost for EV models which would also allow them to make the vehicles more affordable for their customers. Recently, Hyundai is planning to invest $110 million in United Kingdom startup Arrival to make more electric commercial vehicles.

The investments in Canoo and Arrival are part of US$87 billion the Hyundai Motor Group has committed to invest in electrification and other future-oriented mobility technologies over the next five years, with the goal of 25 percent of total sales coming from "eco-friendly vehicles" by 2025.

"We were highly impressed by the speed and efficiency in which Canoo developed their innovative EV architecture, making them the ideal engineering partner for us as we transition to become a frontrunner in the future mobility industry", says Albert Biermann, Head of Research & Development, Hyundai Motor Group.

Canoo said it will provide engineering services to develop the electric platform.

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Seeing great potential on the skateboard platform, Hyundai aims to produce low-priced autonomous and manned delivery vehicles through its Los Angeles-based initiative.

As for Ulrich Kranz, the head of the California-based Canoo, he says it is a real honor for the company to be actually helping Hyundai and Kia explore EV architecture concepts for future models.

Canoo unveiled its first electric vehicle for subscription only on September 24, 2019, just 19 months after the company's founding in December 2017.

The heart of Canoo's first vehicle, which looks more like a minibus than a traditional electric SUV, is the "skateboard" architecture that houses batteries and electric transmission in a chassis under the vehicle's cab.

Canoo's first vehicle is very similar to a minibus and it is designed as a "skateboard". This is a major milestone for the company and the culmination of the efforts of 300+ experts working to deliver a proof of concept of Canoo's backbone architectural systems. The first Canoo vehicles are expected to appear on the road in 2021 and will only be offered as a subscription.

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