Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Android cofounder's phone startup Essential shuts down after launching one product

Android cofounder's phone startup Essential shuts down after launching one product

In a statement released to the press, Essential added that the startup doesn't have any clear path to deliver the Essential Gem to customers. However, the update that landed on Essential Phones on February 3, 2020, will be its last.

The one and only product that Essential launched in its four-plus years of existence was the Essential Phone (or PH-1), which was mired with issues, received poor reviews, and did not sell well. It was amongst the initial phones with hardly there bezels, and also it ran a near-stock variation ofAndroid Essential's modular strategies eventually fizzled, however the firm remained to supply consistent software enhancements and also tweaks to the PH-1.

The Essential Gem was slated to deliver smartphone performance in only a portion of its size, but it appears the phone will now never see the light of day in commercial launch. The pursuit that we followed closest after his departure from Google was Essential, which he founded in late 2015. The phone will still be usable, however, but Essential said it won't provide additional support or updates in the future.

Essential today also published a few videos that showcase Project Gem, check them out below. The 2017 Essential Phone came and went without leaving much of a mark on the world. The decision to shut the company down and halt the development of the Gem handset, per the announcement, is not specified.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the humble opinion of this hack, the Essential Phone genuinely was a looker, clad in titanium and with a chassis deliberately sparse of branding. That device was extremely narrow, it looked like a remote controller with a touchscreen.

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Essential have posted on their website that they will be shutting the company down, they will no longer be providing updates or support for the handsets. Essential past year acquired the CloudMagic team and its cross-platform Newton Mail app, which is also affected by the shuttering of the company.

"We have made the hard decision to cease operations and shutdown Essential".

Essential is finally shutting down.

The company has reportedly shared its software on coding site Github so developers can "keep hacking" the device.

Essential Phone was supposed to be a companion phone.

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