Published: Thu, February 13, 2020
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Trump tweets a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' clip that's clearly mocking him

Trump tweets a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' clip that's clearly mocking him

"TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!" the president wrote along with the clip, echoing his frequent assertion that "tough guys" - like bikers, cops and Border Patrol agents - are among his fiercest supporters.

After the biker charges some more F-words at David, is when he rolls down his window and says "I'm sorry, I didn't see you". But Trump apparently thought it made him look cool. Check out the interview snippet of Larry David taking shots at Trump supporters in the video provided below. Maybe Trump really doesn't understand the comedy, and watches Curb thinking Larry is a hero while identifying with the purposefully selfish, dickish protagonist.

"Just be more careful next time, OK?" the biker says. This scene was part of a storyline on the show where Larry wears a MAGA cap to avoid people he does not want to see. David apologizes, but the situation doesn't calm down until he puts on a red MAGA hat.

The HBO clip showed David driving a vehicle and almost hitting the biker, who freaks out in the uncensored video, which includes seven F-bombs.

"This is worse than the Thanos tweet", a Twitter user opined. "He makes me want to not be anywhere near him". The acquaintance sees the hat, sees other people scowling in the restaurant and immediately makes an excuse to leave.

"Sad!" he says after they decide not to sit near him.

"Nobody told the president that in the show, Larry David wears the hat as a people repellent", one person tweeted.

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It's not the first time Trump has shared a pop-culture joke that reflects poorly on him in its proper context.

Nevertheless, some Trump supporters seem to enjoy seeing people correct their favourite president.

"Surprised it took Trump this long to tweet out this exquisite clip", tweeted Siraj Hasmi, a conservative Beltway journalist.

Another user responded with a clip of a puffed-up person steaming from the ears.

David, who also co-created Seinfeld, has shown no remorse for mocking Trump supporters in his latest season of Curb.

In January, David, a co-creator of the hit sitcom "Seinfeld", told Michael Kay during an interview at the 92nd Street Y that he wasn't anxious about offending the president or his backers by wearing the hat as what he called "a people repellent" on his HBO show. "No, I might give a f**okay". "Alienate yourselves, go, go an alienate, you may have my blessing", Larry stated.

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