Published: Thu, February 13, 2020
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

NASA Broom Challenge 2020: Best Twitter Reactions

NASA Broom Challenge 2020: Best Twitter Reactions

The tweet stated that NASA had reported that you could stand a broom up by itself because of the gravitational pull.

You can make your brooms stand on its own, only for today!

Unfortunately, this challenge is nothing but an internet hoax.

"OH MY GOD?!?! I REBUKE THIS #BroomChallenge #Gravity", she wrote.

DJ Khaled's even done it.

Still, tweets were flying around claiming NASA had said yesterday was a special day, too, which is what kicked things off.

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While NASA called the hoax "harmless", Northon implored people to fact check with the agency's online resources "for real science fun facts - before jumping into the latest viral craze".

A newer broom with stiff bristles has a low center of gravity and is often sturdy enough to stand upright.

This isn't the first time the #BroomChallenge has made the rounds on social media though.

Al Roker tested the theory live on the Today show and debunked the claim when he managed to stand his broom upright on Tuesday. And yes, you can do it any day of the year!

As the challenge took off, the erroneous explanation that February 10 is the only date on the calendar when a broom will cooperate with gravity - evidently because of some vague belief that the Earth's gravitational pull must be optimized just so - took off along with it.

The truth is, brooms are sentient beings that can stand and walk all on their own-no wait, that's not right.

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