Published: Thu, February 13, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iraqi capital Baghdad receives 2nd snowfall in a century

Iraqi capital Baghdad receives 2nd snowfall in a century

Iraqi capital Baghdad witnessed a rare sight of snowfall on February 11 after almost over a decade.

The last snowfall was in 2008, but according to records, it was fast and muddy, and the annals indicate nothing like that has been seen for a hundred years.

Many internet users who are now residing in Baghdad, shared short clips and images of the "beautiful sight". Many young Iraqis exclaimed that it was the first time they had ever seen snow falling in Baghdad and rushed to capture the moment on their smartphones.

Fresh snow falls in Tahrir Square while anti-government protesters stage a sit-in in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. This is a cold wave from Europe, he said.

South of the capital, snow also carpeted the Shia holy city of Karbala, which draws pilgrims from round the world to its famed shrines, the golden-domed mausoleums of Abbas and Imam Hussein - the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Snowfall is known to occasionally occur in northern parts of the country, particularly in mountainous regions and regions such as the war-torn city of Mosul, although it becomes an extremely rare occurrence as one travels further south.

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Iraq is prone to natural disasters as a result of extreme weather events, after water shortages in 2018 sparked a health crisis in the centre and south.

Experts say Iraq lacks the funds or infrastructure to deal with climate change and desertification of land that was once productive.

"Snowfall may continue until Wednesday given the very cold weather".

Deserts in Saudi Arabia's north and eastern region saw snow in the winter of 2016, but such an occurence remains rare across the region. Many excited Iraqis took to social media to share pictures and videos of the snowfall, while children were seen playing and enjoying the sight.

Many people in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad woke up early on Tuesday to watch a rare snowfall in the city.

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