Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Xbox-Xbox X: Everything You Need To Know

Xbox-Xbox X: Everything You Need To Know

"She just stood up in the room and said, 'we should go do something bold, something we've never done before".

In a new interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer defends the company's plans for Xbox Series X exclusives.

Spencer hinted that we will see more "bold" moves from Microsoft in regards to the Xbox Series X revelations, before the console's release.

Overall, Spencer said he feels the reveal went well, even though it "could've been a disaster".

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"One of the benefits that we have sitting inside of Microsoft is we've obviously been close to the development of what's been going on with PC for years", he explained.

On top of standard usage, Spencer explained that he's part of the process in compiling a list of games now compatible with the Series X. It's expected to play all Xbox One titles as well as its supported list of Xbox 360 games, so part of Spencer's testing is booting up numerous different ones and seeing if they now work. "I don't hope it goes away". Having made some inflammatory comments past year, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has once again addressed the subject, stipulating that while there are "great VR titles", when it comes to the launch of the next-generation Xbox VR isn't a consideration.

"I think it's the nature of entertainment, and when I look at games and how much studios and publishers are spending to develop games, we need to extend the window of when these games are viable, when they have large player bases, just for the health our industry needs". And you know, there's a lot of people I know that are working on some good VR titles, great VR titles, and I'm not trying to not be supportive of that to use a double negative. "We're going to make sure our services like Game Pass, xCloud and stuff are there so people will have access to it". Spencer also seems hopeful for more first party content being developed in Japan. Ubisoft however has just gone out their way to tell us that yes, most of their games this generation will run on the PS5.

Spencer says he's thrilled with the reception to the Xbox Series X, adding that "every decision" between now and Microsoft's new console launch will see Xbox "trying to think about things in a different way".

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