Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Virtual reality reunites mother with her dead daughter

Virtual reality reunites mother with her dead daughter

Ji-sung was hesitant to touch the digital re-creation of her daughter, but the child insisted that they hold hands. They were all in tears after they saw Jang interacting with the VR creation of her daughter.

The artificial Nayeon even asked her mother where she had been and if she had missed her daughter.

Nayeon's father, brother and sister, who were all watching the event from the audience were also crying.

As PCG asserts, reanimating deceased people in VR likely isn't all that surprising to you, but it'll be curious to see if/how such practices become an everyday, commercial business practice - and exactly how some services might capitalise on such devastating grief.

At one time, the little girl runs up to her mother and hands her a flower saying: 'Mommy, you can see that I'm not hurting anymore, right?'

After the end of the journey, the seven-year-old laid down saying she was exhausted and bid her goodbye.

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"I hope that many people remember Nayeon after watching the program", he wrote in his blog, which has since been closed.

Within the confines of this moment, these fleeting few minutes, I have no idea if this was an ultimately positive experience for this mother, and so don't want to speak for her personal feelings or try to imagine what she felt interacting like this.

Nonetheless, Dr Blay Whitby, thinker and expertise ethicist on the College of Sussex instructed MailOnline that the tv present raised some "worrying moral points". He said the virtual reality aspect of reuniting with a deceased loved one is new ground and the long-term psychological toll is unknown. The drawback is that within the pursuit of revenue or worse, individuals will probably be exploited'.

The pair met in a virtual park. This can be a very complicated process because the right algorithms have to be applied, and the right data has to be given just so that programmers and developers can have a glimpse of the deceased. Might this be manipulated to pressure conversations that they'd have agreed to?

'The further concern is how long do you keep that relationship alive? Is it a one-time alternative to allow closure or do you then delay that relationship?

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