Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

More than one-third of Democratic voters going to the polls in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary said health care was the most important issue in determining their vote, beating out climate change, income equality and foreign policy. "While there are still ballots to count, we have beaten the odds every step of the way". In 2020, Sanders has underperformed expectations in both Iowa and New Hampshire - with flat turnout in both states.

The former vice president did indeed do so poorly - a projected fifth-place finish - that he left the state before the polls closed and headed to friendlier SC, where he hopes to do better while he licks his wounds. With final returns ahead, he was competing for fourth place with Elizabeth Warren, a disappointing turn for the senator from neighboring MA.

IN ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg finished in second place at 24 percent as he readied for the more hard battlegrounds ahead.

"Let me take this opportunity to thank the people of New Hampshire for a great victory tonight", Sanders told cheering supporters after NBC and ABC called the result in his favor. Klobuchar now joins a close knot in a second tier with Warren and Biden, about ten delegates behind the two leaders.

"In recent debates, Klobuchar has tried to paint herself as more experienced than the 38-year-old Buttigieg yet still a more youthful, energetic alternative to the former vice president", Vox notes.

Sanders boasted of "a movement from coast to coast ... to defeat the most unsafe president".

After winning the New Hampshire primary in 2016 and performing well last week in Iowa, Vermont Sen. It is a battle on the moderate side between those - between Buttigieg and [Klobuchar].

"I want you all to think of a number, 99.9 percent", Biden told the crowd assembled in South Carolina Tuesday night.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

"Hello, America, I'm Amy Klobuchar and I will beat Donald Trump", she said.

The Vermont senator aimed to energize his base by claiming the popular vote in Iowa - which has not officially been called - and victory in New Hampshire, adding that he was going to win in Nevada and SC as well. But not much was clarified on Tuesday night.

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Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett dropped out of the 2020 race on Tuesday.

"You can't be the Democratic nominee and you can't win a general election as a Democrat unless you have overwhelming support from black and brown voters", he said.

The action was on the Democratic side, but Trump easily won New Hampshire's Republican primary. He was facing token opposition from former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

Warren, among the front-runners for months, offered an optimistic outlook as she faced cheering supporters, "Our campaign is built for the long haul, and we are just getting started". We're just getting started. In fact, 58% of New Hampshire primary voters said they were fine with getting rid of private insurance, as did almost 60% of caucus voters in Iowa last week.

"Now our campaign moves on to Nevada, to SC, to communities across our country".

Pete Buttigieg, Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of South Bend, Ind., is considered another leading contender in New Hampshire.

More than a year after Democrats began announcing their presidential candidacies, the party is struggling to coalesce behind a message or a messenger in its desperate quest to defeat Trump.

Edison, which compiles exit polls and live election results for media organizations including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News and Reuters, found that eight in 10 primary voters will support the party candidate in a run against Republican Trump in the November 3 election.

"We're taking on billionaires and we're taking on candidates funded by billionaires", Sanders said. The last states will vote in June. He's already devoted hundreds of millions of dollars to the effort.

Regardless of his diminishing poll numbers and dismal showing in New Hampshire, the former vice president urged his SC supporters to remember that the Democratic contest has only reached the "opening bell".

The political spotlight quickly shifts to Nevada, where Democrats will hold caucuses on February 22. But several candidates, including Warren and Sanders, plan to visit states in the coming days that vote on Super Tuesday, signaling they are in the race for the long haul.

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