Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition leaked in video ad

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition leaked in video ad

MacRumors videographer Dan was in attendance at Samsung's Unpacked event in San Francisco, and he was able to spend some hands-on time with the new smartphones.

During the Z Flip's unveiling, Hirst was also very keen to showcase the phone's outward-facing screen, which is visible when closed, and outward-facing camera, flawless for selfies.

Five of the best new features Samsung's latest flagship phone was unveiled at Unpacked and ZDNet's Beth Mauder walks you through five of her favorite new features.

If you've been looking for more 5G support and improved camera performance, the Galaxy S20 series might be for you.

Powered by a big, intelligent battery, the Galaxy S20 series comes with a 25W fast charger, while the S20 Ultra supports 45W Super Fast charging as well. By taking advantage of the Galaxy S20's Space Zoom technology, you can use up to 30x zoom on the Galaxy S20 and S20+, or up to 100x Space Zoom with the folded lens on the S20 Ultra with 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom.

Camera Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera: F2.4 Pixel size: 1.22μm FOV: 80 ˚. The S20 and S20+ have a 64MP camera, while the S20 Ultra has a 108MP camera. The main wide-angle camera has a 12MP sensor with an f/1.8 aperture, optical image optical image stabilization, and up to 8X digital zoom. The S20 is $1,000, and the S20+ jumps to $1,200.

This statement-making foldable smartphone is designed for those who see cutting-edge technology as a way to express themselves.

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The Z Flip, which is the first ever commercially-available folding phone to have a horizontal crease across the center of the device which allows it to bend like a retro clam shell phone, will feature Samsung's foldable glass and come with a and a 6.7-inch display.

A "fibre shield" promises to keep dust and other pesky particles out of the inherently small gap created when the hinge is open, too, so that none of it damagingly seeps into the handset's internals.

While the company didn't list a specific price on the designer iteration of its Z Flip, earlier leaks suggest the device could cost as much as $2,500 - more than $1,000 more than the regular version. It's like Samsung's take on the new foldable Moto Razr, but the Z Flip is unique thanks to its foldable glass display.

The Galaxy Z Flip isn't cheap.

Notifications, battery life and the time can also be shown on this small screen, and it does more than just display information. The South Korean mobile phone giant revealed its three new Galaxy smartphones - and a new foldable phone that attempts to set its range apart from rivals like Apple. When the device is free-standing, the display automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so users can easily view images, contents or videos on the top half of the display, and control them on the bottom half. All phones are also IP68 certified, feature 12W wireless charging, and more. A feature Samsung calls "Single Take" allows you to take one short video and get multiple options to choose from in return - boomerangs, looping clips, AI-enhanced photos, etc.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be released in the USA and United Kingdom on Friday 14 February 2020.

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