Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

President Trump's proposed budget benefits NASA

President Trump's proposed budget benefits NASA

The space agency announced Tuesday (Feb. 11) that it will accept applications for its next class of astronaut candidates from March 2 through March 31.

Picture from NASA's first Moon mission.

"President Donald Trump's Fiscal Year 2021 budget for NASA is worthy of 21st century exploration and discovery".

With the clock ticking to land on Mars in four years, Congress is being asked to boost NASA's next budget by $3 billion to $25 billion. "The budget continues to support educational activities such as internships and scholarships financed outside the STEM commitment office", the document says.

"Now we must deliver, it us up to us to deliver", Bridentstine said.

The foundation of NASA's return to the Moon is directly represented in the new budget with more than $3 billion allocated to the development of a human landing system. This is the first time we have had direct funding for a human lander since the Apollo Program.

To start this expedition, NASA will first make a few trips to the moon before going to Mars to better train astronauts and the scientists themselves to handle the harsh environments and make improvements before stepping into unknown territory like Mars. The rocket of the Space Launch System, the Orion crew capsule, the Lunar Gateway orbital station and commercial lunar landings for humans and cargo delivery are part of this.

The engineers there are deeply immersed in testing the materials for the space launch system or SLS.

NASA Ames will benefit from the $ 25 billion that is expected for the next fiscal year.

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The Coalition and its member companies are committed to NASA, to the Artemis program, to the support of worldwide and commercial partnerships, and to the return of USA astronauts on American vehicles to low Earth orbit and to deep space.

The administrator also detailed the latest budget request's emphasis on planetary science, including $415 million for the launch the James Webb Space Telescope, planned for 2021.

"History is being made", he said.

The remedy: This story initially reported the wrong size of assets proposed for the battles of Mars and the Moon, as well as part of NASA's public spending plan for 2021, as well as plans to approve expenditures.

The budget request also includes funds for research programs related to so-called "industries of the future" - technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and advanced communications.

As the budget proposal makes its way through Congress, it is likely to be significantly tweaked.

Congress could even push NASA to adopt a more conservative timeline for the agency's return to the moon. Finally, while we recognize the tough decisions that are needed to set and meet priorities, we support a robust STEM program at NASA.

"Friends, we are the Artemis generation, and we are going", Bridenstine said to conclude Monday's address.

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