Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

New coronavirus case in the U.S.

New coronavirus case in the U.S.

The person, an adult, was being treated in isolation at UC San Diego Medical Center. The person arrived in the US last week on a State Department flight from Wuhan, China and was hospitalized with three others after showing possible symptoms of the virus, CNN said.

The individual was taken to the University of California San Diego Medical Center for treatment, 10News said, citing an official familiar with the situation.

The San Diego case is the 13th confirmed in the United States and the third in California, CNN reported.

An evacuee from China has tested positive for the coronavirus and has been isolated at a San Diego hospital, a person with direct knowledge of the matter tells The Associated Press, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020.

WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus said the African CDC last week trained 12 countries in Senegal making use of test kits provided by the global health body.

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None of the coronavirus cases confirmed in the USA has been fatal and several patients have been released from hospital.

More than 800 USA nationals have been repatriated from Wuhan since January 29 when the first evacuation flight arrived at the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, Calif., State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement, adding the most recent evacuation flights landed Friday. Now, if you're presenting after travel to the Hubei province or from China, we want travelers to have their alert up and to let their clinicians know 'I was recently traveling.' They may need special evaluation.

Evacuees have also been quarantined at Nebraska's Camp Ashland.

Emphasizing a strategy of delaying the spread of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the USA, she was among top federal officials urging health professionals to "follow the playbook for their infectious disease response". However, on Monday, the CDC said that additional testing showed the patient had tested positive while in the 14-day mandatory quarantine.

As part of intensified efforts to fight the outbreak, the World Health Organisation (WHO) provided another shipment of 150,000 test kits to more than 80 laboratories. At this point, 37 states have sent samples to the U.S. CDC for testing, and the vast majority of those tests have come back negative.

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