Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Microsoft shows off how containerized apps will work in Windows 10X

Microsoft shows off how containerized apps will work in Windows 10X

Well, it seems Microsoft is working on a solution, the only catch is that'll it'll only be available for Windows 10X, a forked version of the operating system designed for foldables and dual-screen devices.

Windows 10 has always pushed adverts at users on the desktop, and seemingly in less subtle ways in recent times, but this practice has just reached new heights - or should that be depths - with Microsoft suggesting that Firefox users should adopt its own revamped Edge browser instead.

"You don't have permission to shut down this computer", a pop-up message reads when affected users attempt to shut down or reboot their device. This emulator features a pre-release build of Windows 10X, and allows developers to virtually manipulate the OS as if it were running on real hardware.

Focused screens: Dual-screen devices allow you to take advantage of the defined screens and accomplish what you need without interruption.

Connected apps.When your apps can work together across screens you can achieve broader and bigger tasks without losing context.

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Microsoft itself recommends users to move to Windows 10, but Windows 8.1 is still getting support and security patches until 2023.

Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Media, Windows Shell, the Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Management, Windows Virtualization, Windows Peripherals, Windows Network Security and Containers, Windows Storage and Filesystems, and Windows Server.

As noted by The Verge, Microsoft has apparently "re-engineered" Windows 10X from the ground-up to ensure new updates are downloaded and installed at a breakneck pace. We have taken the Windows 10 that customers know and love and built Windows 10X in a way that marries the familiar with the new.

With the emulator you can experiment with Windows 10X and Surface Neo prior to launch. As of now, there's no Windows 10X hardware on the market after all. Microsoft showcased a TV app that it built with Xamarin as an example. For developers who are interested in making their applications work better and in a more customized way on 10X, Microsoft is making available the programming interfaces, information about hinge positions, transitions and new proposed Web standards in that space.

Microsoft is looking for developer feedback on its dual-screen vision and deliverables, in earnest, starting today.

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