Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Eminem talks about his surprise 'Lose Yourself' performance at the Oscars

Eminem talks about his surprise 'Lose Yourself' performance at the Oscars

He won his first Oscar as a producer of 12 Years a Slave in 2014, but this was his first win for a performance. The rapper recalled being at home. "At that point in time Hailie had to be at school early in the morning, so [I was sleeping]", he said. "Luis Resto, my keyboard player who produces records with me, went up and accepted it - and I know people were probably like, "Who the f- is this guy?" "So he called me, and I recall the telephone kept ringing, and now I am like" Motherf**ker, I'm tryin" to sleep!" "But that was a different time and I was in a different place in my life". "That makes it very real to me", the rapper said. But, he did admit that he was blown away by the fact that he won. He added: "I don't even think I understood at the time that you could get an Oscar for a song, and I remember that I was a little confused about why I was prepared for one, because when I was a child with the Oscars, I was like a vacuum cleaner". Posting a video of the 2003 award presentation, Eminem wrote, "Look if you had another shot, another opportunity..."

And even though it took 17 years to get there, it was all worth it.

The rapper later dispelled rumors that the reason he turned it down was that they asked him to perform a censored version of the song. He said that wasn't true, since the song doesn't even have that many.

Speaking to Variety, Eminem has opened up as to why he performed at the awards show almost two years after the fact.

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While some audience members in the Dolby Theatre happily rapped along, many seemed dumbfounded by Eminem's seemingly random appearance.

Marshall Mathers took to Twitter to thank the Academy for letting him perform the famous track from the movie 8 Mile, especially after he couldn't make it to the 2003 ceremony where he received his award. "When I found out I won, 'That's crazy!' That to me shows how authentic and real that award is". He also had the option to cancel if the performance was leaked to the media. Now to help clear things up is none other than Eminem himself.

Not just the audience, the singer revealed that he had a blast performing at the ceremony and the highlight of his night was that he got to hug actress Salma Hayek.

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