Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Democrat Andrew Yang ends presidential bid

Democrat Andrew Yang ends presidential bid

Yang's signature proposal, a universal basic income that would pay every American US$1,000 a month, was his answer to the "fourth industrial revolution", the rise of automation that he said destroyed millions of manufacturing jobs and, as a effect, paved the way for Donald Trump's 2016 election.

Yang had no real path to the nomination, but his positive presence in the race will surely be missed.

Democrat Andrew Yang on Tuesday ended his bid for the Democratic nomination for president. Yang gained widespread recognition - including from the Obama administration- for starting the nonprofit Venture for America, which helps entrepreneurs build businesses in cities across the country.

"The caucus format was singularly opposed to the dynamic that our campaign tends to attract", Yang said of Iowa, adding, "New Hampshire is, in some ways, the most Yang Gang environment you could imagine".

Despite having no political background, Yang - who launched his campaign in 2017 - has reportedly surprised pundits after he qualified for Democratic debates and managed to remain in the race longer than some prominent veteran politicians.

Graumann hailed Yang as "the future of politics" pointing to his rise from a political unknown to someone who made it into the top six presidential candidates.

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His fundraising numbers were among the top of all the Democratic presidential candidates.

Yang was not the only one to throw in the towel on Tuesday, with Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado also ending his bid.

Yang promoted his signature issue of universal basic income, which he dubbed the "freedom dividend", by announcing during a debate that he would choose individuals to receive the monthly $1,000 checks.

Yang grew his outsider candidacy by campaigning as a non-politician, someone who mixed unconventional campaign events - from bowling to ax throwing - with serious talk about the millions of jobs lost to automation and artificial intelligence and the dark outlook for American jobs and communities.

"Now we've got Andrew Yang dropping out, basically at the bell on the right of New Hampshire". But the results on Tuesday - and last week in Iowa - made it unlikely he could raise enough money to continue campaigning.

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