Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Bloomberg struck by recording of him telling police to target minorities

Bloomberg struck by recording of him telling police to target minorities

"And the way you get the guns out of the kids" hands is to throw them up against the walls and frisk them. "You've got to get the guns out of the hands of people that are getting killed".

In his speech, Bloomberg expressly promotes racial profiling.

The resurfaced comments featured Bloomberg telling an elite conference in Aspen, Colorado in 2015 that 95 percent of murders and murder victims were "male, minorities, age 16-25".

"I can tell you that it is a fact that people of all races commit crimes in New York and New York City specifically, but apparently not, according to Bloomberg", Hannity said.

At the time, a reported 87 percent of around 5 million police interactions in the city invoking "stop and frisk" involved Black or Latinx people.

#BloombergIsRacist trended, with many comparing him to US President Donald Trump and others calling for those who have endorsed the candidate to withdraw their support.

As he launched his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination previous year, Mr Bloomberg sought to draw a line under the controversy over policing tactics he championed while he was the Republican mayor of New York City from 2002-13.

The Bloomberg audio, which was unearthed by podcast host Benjamin Dixon Monday and ricocheted around the Internet on Tuesday, is from a speech the former mayor of New York City made at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado in 2015.

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"I think it's also true that most police departments around the world do the same thing; they just don't report it or use the terminology", he said. While the use of the practice declined significantly after that, Bloomberg stood by the programme even in the face of widespread criticism and legal challenges. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. Both have received a number of prominent African American endorsements and have been holding campaign events specifically aimed at the black community.

Also criticizing Bloomberg was Tom Steyer, a fellow billionaire seeking the Democratic nomination. "The racist stereotypes he uses have no place today, and anyone running for the presidential nomination should disavow them", said Steyer, who has focused on building support from African Americans in South Carolina's February 29 primary.

Melina Abdullah, a Cal State L.A. professor and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said Bloomberg's 2015 remarks were not surprising.

If you live in NY, or know our history, you've been knowing that #BloombergIsRacist.

The world will soon know just how deep this man's bigotry goes.

The Bloomberg campaign didn't comment immediately on the recording.

Trump later deleted his tweet targeting Bloomberg, without explanation.

Bloomberg issued an apology on Tuesday much similar to the one he gave to the congregation members after the audio stirred up conversation on social media. "I regret that and I have apologized-and I have taken responsibility for taking too long to understand the impact it had on black and Latino communities", he remarked.

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