Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Blac Chyna says backlash over her Oscars attendance is racist

Blac Chyna says backlash over her Oscars attendance is racist

From film stars to TV personalities, these well-known A-listers not only come together to celebrate the year's film achievements but also to dominate the red carpet with their most glamorous looks.

Though it's common for A-listers who aren't actors to attend this annual award show, the model bewildered fans by showing up, especially since she had zero involvement in the ceremony or any of the nominated films.

"Why is Blac Chyna at the oscars?!".

'Blac Chyna is at the Oscars??

She took the show into the audience by serenading the stars seated in the front row, before pausing in front of Best Supporting Actor nominee Tom Hanks, who portrayed the late Rogers in the film, and placing her bowler hat on the actor's head. Her caption makes no mention of the baby being hers but, considering the photo appeared on her personal page, fans are reasonable in interpreting this as her proper announcement.

US singer-songwriter Janelle Monae and US actor Billy Porter celebrated women and minorities on the Oscar stage though the show's nominees are dominated by white men

"Can someone explain why blac chyna is here i'm genuinely curious", one person asked on Twitter.

Monae's ode to women and minorities stood in stark contrast to the gala itself, which in the nominations process more or less lived up to its reputation as a night celebrating Hollywood's white men.

As always, the red carpet at the 92nd Academy Awards was full to the brim with sartorial crimes, from plunging necklines exposing far too much flesh to garish colors and puffy over-the-top gowns, with Chyna showing off a lot of skin in her barely-there ensemble.

Chyna, by the way, was invited to the awards by music producer Christopher Trujillo, who has has worked with Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony and more musicians.

However, the star was not the only attendee to miss the mark on the red carpet at this year's ceremony - quite the opposite in fact.

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